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The Tallest Man On Earth - Take Away Show

La Blogotheque posted some videos from The Tallest Man on Earth, a Swedish folk singer with a unique voice. His 2008 Shallow Grave release is one of my recent favorites, and it turns out he's just signed to Dead Oceans and has a his new album, The Wild Hunt, coming out on April 13th.

He's a "must see" if he tours the US.

Tallest Man on Earth - The Gardener - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Tallest man on earth - These Days (Nico Cover) - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Some of my other favorite Blogotheque performances


A New (untitled) Song from The Rural Alberta Advantage

A video from the Rural Alberta Advantage show a couple weeks ago at the Beachland Tavern... Good times. Great band.


The Hood Internet (1/21/10)

The Hood Internet Rocked! Or Rapped... Whatever. These guys sure know how to move a dance floor. Photos weren't great (iPhone), but appropriately they reflect the moment. Cleveland needs a dance night like this every week... It would make everyone happier.

The Hood Internet (1/21/10)

The Hood Internet (1/21/10)


Shilpa Ray (1/20/10)

I had a feeling about this show, despite not knowing that much about Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers... turns out it was right.

We saw Shilpa before her performance, talking to some drunk guy at the bar. She seemed sweet and even a little demure. That changed as soon as she took the stage. It looked like she had gone in back, transformed, and came out with a fire in her belly. With wilder hair, her mouth contorted as she belted out these songs and worked her Harmonium over.

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (1/20/10)

It wasn't packed this night, but that didn't matter. The crowd was energized, and it was hard not to be. I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure how to take it when they started. It was harder than I was expecting, but a couple songs into to, I was definitely pickin' up what she was puttin' down. She deserves all praise.

I'll keep you posted as I have more these feelings.

Only Music Left on FaceBook

Trying something out...Thought I'd create a page for Only Music Left on FaceBook as a way for people to get updates if they want 'em. I think it's still a better idea to subscribe to the RSS Feed, because then you'll get to see the content in all it's original glory (embedded media & all). But this is at least an easy way to get headlines out to friends.

Remember you can still "fan" the site but hide updates if there are too many for you... but give me a little time and see what you think first.

Be Set Free

Good stuff.

Langhorne Slim - "Be Set Free" from Mog Dotcom on Vimeo.

Check out the last time he was here at the Grog Shop... Langhorne Slim (10/28/09)


Old CD's

I can't imagine getting rid of mine... but maybe you're considering it.

Hey Music Lovers! Don’t Toss Your CDs
by Amanda Wills

If you’ve made the switch to MP3 downloads, chances are you’ve got a box in your garage that’s full of CD cases from artists that were less than forgettable (this author admits to still holding on to the Macarena single). But if you haven’t made the digital jump, we’ve got some news: You’re way behind.

As of September 2009, Apple has sold 220 million iPods, and users have downloaded more than 8.5 billion songs from iTunes. To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of 85 million CDs that would have been made.

Polystyrene downcycles quickly. As a result, recycled plastic from cases is used as an additive to new plastics rather than to make new products on its own. Photo: Flickr/LuluP
CDs contain three main components: plastic, metals and ink. Discs are made mostly from polycarbonate, although a small amount of lacquer is also used as a protective coating. Aluminum is the primary metal in discs, but traces of gold, silver and nickel are also present.

[From Hey Music Lovers! Don’t Toss Your CDs - Earth911.com]


The Hood Internet in Cleveland

If you read my monthly piece on Spangle: The Zender Agenda, you'll see that tomorrow's The Hood Internet show is marked as one of the highlights of the Month. Check it out for a couple of my favorite tracks. If you're intrigued and want to know more, check below for an interview.

7 Questions with DJ STV SLV of the Hood Internetl_fb016cae49d915a7cff7f71da23b3fed.jpg
By Jeff Kollath

Since 2007, ABX (Aaron Brant) and DJ STV SLV (Steve Reidell) have performed, mixed, and mashed as the Hood Internet. Based in Chicago, the duo began putting tracks on the web, but eventually began performing live at clubs around the city. 2009 saw ABX and STV SLV hit Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, and has much bigger things on the horizon for 2010. In the coming months, they will hit the road with Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow), heading out West for a series of dates, before finishing back in the Midwest in April. This Saturday, True Endeavors will present the Hood Internet, with support from the New Loud and DJ Vinnie Toma at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. The show is 18+ and starts at 10pm.

[continued at... Muzzle of Bees | Music Blog: MP3 Downloads, Videos, News, Tour Dates, Giveaways » 7 Questions with DJ STV SLV of the Hood Internet]

And for you CWRU kids... they'll be performing at The Spot tonight!

Preservation Hall Benefit Album

Check out the artists on this album! Definitely going to get this one...



Over the last year, more than 20 of American music's most exciting artists traveled to Preservation Hall in New Orleans to collaborate with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on classic New Orleans repertoire. The end result is a timeless and joyous celebration of New Orleans music. Proceeds from the sale of the project will benefit Preservation Hall and The Preservation Hall Music Outreach Program. The album is set for release on Fat Tuesday, February 16, 2010 in standard CD, deluxe edition and double-LP collectible formats.

[From Preservation - A Benefit Album - About]

All Tracks featuring the PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND:

Andrew Bird – "Shake It and Break It"
Paolo Nutini – "Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea"
Tom Waits – "Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing"
Yim Yames – "Louisiana Fairytale"
Del McCoury – "After You've Gone"
Ani DiFranco – "Freight Train"
Pete Seeger & Tao Rodriguez-Seeger – "Blue Skies (Comin My Way)"
Jason Isbell – "Nobody Knows You"
Brandi Carlile – "Old Rugged Cross"
Richie Havens – "Trouble in Mind"
Merle Haggard – "Basin Street Blues"
Blind Boys of Alabama – "There is a Light"
Dr. John – "Winin' Boy"
Louis Armstrong – "Rockin' Chair"
Amy LaVere – "Baby Won't You Please Come Home"
Steve Earle – "Tain't Nobody's Business"
Cory Chisel – "Some Cold Rainy Day"
Buddy Miller – "I Ain't Got Nobody"
Angelique Kidjo with Terence Blanchard – "La Vie En Rose"


Shilpa Ray Tomorrow at the Beachland

What are you doing tomorrow night? Drop it and check out Shilpa Ray at the Beachland...

There are even more details over at the Beachland Blog

OK Go Video Debacle

I know... I'm hard on major labels. Probably a bit too hard. Here's a more eloquently written piece from OK Go, explaining the stress dynamics of the industry through the example of embedding a YouTube Video. Serioulsly... it's good stuff.


This week we released a new album, and it’s our best yet. We also released a new video – the second for this record – for a song called This Too Shall Pass, and you can watch it here. We hope you'll like it and comment on it and pass the link along to your friends and do that wonderful thing that that you do when you’re fond of something, share it. We want you to stick it on your web page, post it on your wall, and embed it everywhere you can think of.

Unfortunately, as of now you can’t embed diddlycrap. And depending on where you are in the world, you might not even be able to watch it.

We’ve been flooded with complaints recently because our YouTube videos can't be embedded on websites, and in certain countries can't be seen at all. And we want you to know: we hear you, and we’re sorry. We wish there was something we could do. Believe us, we want you to pass our videos around more than you do, but, crazy as it may seem, it’s now far harder for bands to make videos accessible online than it was four years ago.

[continued at... Cleveland Bachelor: Celluloid Bachelor #48: OK Go "This Too Shall Pass"]

None of this really occured to me when I so easily posted the video.

New Joan Armatrading Album!!

I'm quite giddy about this one... I've talked before how I have certain artists that I'll always be interested in, despite popular opinion. Joan Armatrading is one of those artists. In fact, she may be one of the premiere artists at that level, because not only do pay attention to every release, but I actually get excited about every one of them. The last Joan Armatrading record was a blues album (New Joan Armatrading Tracks & Video), which was fairly enjoyable, but not quite as good as her 2003 Lover's Speak album. I have high hopes for this one... you can preview it here.

The long awaited new CD from Joan will be released on the 8th of March 2010 in Europe. USA release dates is the 30th of March 2010. The title of the CD is: THIS CHARMING LIFE.

Track Listings

  1. This Charming Life
  2. Love love Love
  3. People Who Win
  4. Two Tears
  5. Heading Back To New York city
  6. Goddess Of Change
  7. Diamond
  8. Promises
  9. Virtual Reality
  10. Best Dress On
  11. Cry


The Rural Alberta Advantage (1/17/10)

Another great show... I can't believe it's already been a year and a half since I saw these guys. But that time must have been great for these guys because the Tavern was PACKED! Opening was The Octogon and the Buried Wires. Not bad... But the real magic was with The Rural Alberta Advantage.

The last time here, they lost a keyboard and limped along, still providing a great performance. I was looking forward to fully functioning band last night, but was sad to hear that one had a cold and another had a back issue from the drive in the van. But once again, adversity did not stop them from delivering on this last of their tour of the US. They powered through a strong set, with Paul Banwatt providing his distinct and passionate vocals. In fact, all three members of this band are superb. Fully functioning or not, I will always see these guys when they return.

I also had to include this B-side track below the picture. A new favorite covering an old...

The Rural Alberta Advantage (1/17/10)

Kid Cudi / The Dutchess & the Duke (1/15/10)

No these guys did not perform together, but we did scramble between both shows in one night. Actually, the night started off with plans for going to the Yeasayer listening Party at Music Saves, but that got pushed aside for the need to eat, which turned into my first time at the Grovewood Tavern - good stuff.

Approaching the concerts this night took some finagling. Two venues, 5 acts in total...

Starting off at the Grog Shop, we caught Good Morning Valentine starting at 9:30ish. Good show and a nice little warm up... (I've seen them twice before 1/2) When they were done, we headed over to the Agora, missing the 2nd act at the Grog Shop and hoping to miss the opener for Kid Cudi. Well, not hoping, but the goal was to see as much of Kid Cudi then Dutchess & the Duke as possible. We got to the Agora in time!

Kid Cudi hadn't even taken the stage yet and the place looked trashed. Overall, the Agora looked beat (and not in a cool, hipster, I don't care kinda-way). Kind of sad knowing the Agora's history, and realizing this is what it's come to. Anyway, all that went away when the lights dropped and Kid Cudi took to the stage with a thunderous crowed cheering Cu - Di Cu - Di. Good stuff. The sound was great. You could hear him, there was plenty of bass, etc. Much better than his appearance at Case last year. We took off a little over halfway through his performance to get back to the Grog.

Kid Cudi (1/15/10)

We walked into the Grog Shop to see a guy and a girl playing guitars. I knew this was The Dutchess & the Duke, but I guess I was expecting more happening on stage. At first, I admit I was disappointed to have left the energetic Kid Cudi show for this... But within minutes, I realized they *trashed*. The banter was ridiculous, but humorous. They solicited for a place to crash that night... I almost considered it, but could imagine her puking and him pissing in a corner. Anyway, an enjoyable trainwreck, but without comprimising their sound quality (too much).

The night ended there with the male counterpart walking off the stage and singing this repetitive phrase from in the crowd. Soon he was on his knees and the guitar on the ground. The audience joined him. The female counterpoint also came down, they both laid on the ground, continuing to sing the same piece over and over. A little odd, but quite a sight. Not such a bad choice afterall.

The Dutchess & the Duke (1/15/10)

Goal accomplished.

Update: Here's Video:

Calling All Band Geeks: Ok Go's “This Too Shall Pass” Video

I say that with the utmost endearment. I wasn't a band geek, but kinda wish I was. Haven't listened to the new album yet, but I'm hopeful.

[From Ok Go – “This Too Shall Pass” Video | DBF-Music.com]


Freelance Whales / Bear in Heaven (1/13/09)

Another hot pick from the UPB Programming group at Case Western. These two Brooklyn bands continue to prove that someone at Case knows what they're doing... If only the kids attending were as equally with it. It was a typical Spot night, with bad lighting, an overpowering wing smell, and only have of those in attendance, actually paying the band any respect. But I guess it doesn't matter, the band is getting paid.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some people there into the show - and thankfully, because these bands deserved the attention. Bear in Heaven opened with their more dense and complex approach. Something a bit more mature.

Bear in Heaven (1/13/10)

Freelance Whales were second (opposite of the order I was expecting). They took to the stage where I think the instruments outnumbered the band members 2 to 1. Their show was a little lighter and full of fun instruments, sounds and harmonies. If only we could have had a better sound & audience, I think these guys would have been phenomenal.

Freelance Whales (1/13/10)


eMusic Adds Warner Music Group To Catalog

Despite all of eMusic's messing with their download plans (not for the better), I'm still a fan. It's a great legal supplement for stuff that you can't easily find elsewhere online - and if you refuse to pay $0.99 per track on iTunes (like myself).

eMusic Adds Warner Music Group To Catalog
In Talks To Add Streaming

(UPDATED) Digital music download subscription service eMusic has added the Warner Music Group family of labels to its offering in the US. The agreement includes Atlantic Records, Rhino Records and Warner Bros. Records as well as indies distributed through WMG’s ADA. Sony signed with eMusic last year, but thus far Unive rsal and EMI have not.

eMusic sells monthly memberships starting at $11.99 for 24 tracks making the effective single track price $.50 or less under some plans; significantly less than many of its competitors eMusic says it has has sold more than 350 million downloads under its current ownership.

[From eMusic Adds Warner Music Group To Catalog - hypebot]


Right Back Where He Started From

A story... for something a little different.

The Indie Rock Fag: Right Back Where He Started From
This post was submitted by zack

Of all the things one gives up to be in a relationship — loneliness, social freedom, guilt-free farting in bed — the changes I least expected was visited up my music library. As I compile a checklist of domestic benchmarks like cohabitation and dog ownership, last night I took a plunge into life-sharing that was so scary I couldn’t even give it to much thought. I just made the decision, hit the button, and kept large piles of salt around to remind me what happens when a person looks back.

I decided to combine my music library with my boyfriends on one external hardrive. I did not do this as any symbol of unending love, as I refuse to conflate romance and Apple products, but I was sick of having my music split between two computers and wanted to consolodate it. But an unexpected side effect of this was that I have lost all my playlists. Every car trip, every college weekend, every mixtape I labelled with the name of the friend who recieved it have now been retroactively silenced by my desire to move forward.

[Continued... The New Gay » Right Back Where He Started From ]


The Afternoon Naps (1/8/10)

After the Seth Glier show, we had a great dinner at Mint Café and then some drinks at La Cave du Vin (a sweet intermission). We walked into Grog Shop and immediately saw Tom, who's in the Afternoon Naps. He recently (randomly?) came to a party at my house with my friend Brian, where we discovered that we had quite a few friends in common. It was great to finally meet him. Great guy. Anyway, I digress. Our friend Trey also showed up, who's always an instant party. Another great guy. We missed the first couple acts, but did see Casual Encounters. Pretty good, but I was really just distracted with having great friends together and having a great time.

The Afternoon Naps took the stage, lamps and all. Shockingly, this is the first time i've seen them in concert. I've really been enjoying their new album, so it was about time. Their stage presence didn't disappoint, the blend of breezy pop and a mixture of male & female lead voices were a perfect compliment. They are definitely one of the best local bands Cleveland has right now. I can highly recommend both their album and their live shows. Did I mention that we danced through the whole show?

The Afternoon Naps (1/8/10)

The night didn't stop there. Trey suggested the B-Side, which I haven't really experienced since Can't Stop the Beat back in 2005. We had a great time there as well... the dancing continued. Tom showed up there too, and we closed the place. A *phenomenal* night had on the East Side of town.

Seth Glier (1/8/10)

Two shows at the Barking Spider in one week... what a treat. And this is the second time in less than a month where I've seen two concerts in one night. To be living in a city that offers that much to do is just great. Go Cleveland... Anyway, unlike the Woovs / Mr. Gnome shows, I'll split this one up into two entries since they're a different times and in two different venues.

Seth Glier was performing an unusually early show at the Spider, starting at 6:30pm. I showed up and Martin (the owner) introduced me to Seth who I was standing next to at the bar. He brought his stage cohort Ryan Hommel over to our table and we got to chat about their tour so far, and where they were going next. I rarely ever set out to talk to the performers, but love when it happens organically. Cool guys.

The danger of an early show at the Spider are the happy hour crowds that are rarely interested in the music. This night wasn't too bad. Seth and Ryan sounded great and were hard to ignore. Seth has a domination over the piano and a great soaring voice. His originals were great, and loved the Man in the Mirror cover as well. Ryan was a great accompaniment. You can tell these guys are good friends and play well together. Good guys, great time.

Seth Glier (1/8/10)

There were still two other shows at the Barking Spider that night, but we had other plans... to be continued.

Tinamou (1/6/10)

I rarely need a reason to go to the Barking Spider Tavern, but seeing Tinamou provided me with a good one. A young, fresh-faced Cleveland band playing some interesting acoustic folk / funk tunes. Very talented musicians... I was particularly a fan of the violin and the drums. I was also very pleased to see the inclusion of the house piano into their set, which just added the right element to their performance on this snowy winter day. I see good things to come for these guys. Though if I had one criticism, it would be the vocal harmonies. I've said this before, but harmonizing exponentially adds or detracts from the show, there's no middle ground. Not to say it was that bad, but would like to see a little more work put in there. Otherwise, these guys were *excellent* musicians. I hope they come back to the Spider again soon.

Tinamou (1/6/10)

Kurt Vile (1/3/10)

I read a lot of music blogs and music news sources. The discovery of some artists seem to be entirely random, where as I'm scanning a huge list of blog titles and artists names and something just stand out for some reason. This is what happened with Kurt Vile. Not sure if I recognized his name from somewhere or not. Regardless, I checked him out and liked him, then saw he's playing at Now That's Class. Shortly there after, my friend Brian from Pittsburgh saw him and said I should go. Worked for me.

I was pretty excited to see a show at Now That's Class, as I've been there for the bar, but not specifically for a show. Seems like a cool place. Turns out my friend Matthew was also interested in the show. The only downer was that it was on a Sunday night, and I knew it would be a late show. We powered through, enjoying the venue, the patrons, as well as the openers, the Homostupids. By the time Kurt Vile took the stage, I was just holding on, but enjoyed his performance. I think I enjoyed the album a little more more than the live show - but my attendance wasn't regretted.

Kurt Vile (1/3/10)

Woovs / Mr Gnome (12/18/09)

I was intrigued with Mr. Gnome after seeing this article on CMJ, talking about "Cleveland's beautiful noise duo." I was surprised I had never heard of them before. The video was great and I was liking their sound. I began to hear more and more about these guys, and they finally announced a performance at the Beachland Tavern for their CD release. I was definitely going.

The same night, a completely different story. My boss handed me a CD over a year ago from this random band, the Woovs. He knows I like local music and this was a CD he got from his sister who has some kind of connection with the band. The cover wasn't really inviting (an attacking wolf), but I'll listen to anything. Turns out, I really liked the album! They're a somewhat-local band from Barberton, OH. I've gotten to know that album quite well and I've been waiting for a chance to see these guys for some time. A strange turn of events, they're playing the same night as Mr. Gnome.

I got access to both shows and wandered back and forth between them. I felt like they were a little flip-flopped, as the Tavern was PACKED for Mr. Gnome, and eventually sold out. The Woovs had the big ballroom and unfortunately there were very few people there. The crowds were completely different... Mr. Gnome definitely had the cool, hipster factor. Woovs had a bit more of a traditional rock crowd. I ended up spending most of my time with the Woovs, partially because I felt bad that I was one of the few there. But I was also really impressed! Kind of a jam band sound, and the lead singer has an amazing voice - and that's with him performing while sick. I was thoroughly entertained by them. I'm anxious to pick up their new album, which they just had a CD release show in Barberton.

Woovs (12/18/09)

I ended the night with Mr. Gnome. They were also under the weather, but still sounded good. These guys had a more dense, complex sound than the Woovs. I think I could really enjoy them if I spent a bit more time with their album. I would definitely go again.

Mr. Gnome (12/18/09)


Songwriter's Round w/ Chris Castle (12/16/09)

I really get too excited about concerts... if that's possible. The thought of a Songwriter in the Round at the Beachland Tavern made me giddy, especially with Chris Castle hosting and Tom Evanchuck playing... Throw in two new names for me, Ashley Brooke Toussant and Nate Jones, and I couldn't ask for more. (Nate! Get some songs up on your MySpace page - or send me another site with some music!)

This was the first of a regular performance at the Beachland. Each songwriter was excellent in their own right... I've liked Chris and Tom for some time now (and continue to like them more and more), and was happy to see add Nate & Ashley to my watch list.

Catch the next Songwriter's night (at the Beachland Tavern), on Thursday, January 21st. Chris is back to host, with 3 new songwriters.

Songwriter's Round w/ Chris Castle (12/16/09)

Jessica Lea Mayfield / Frontier Ruckus / Beaten Awake (12/13/09)

Playing catch up...

This show had 3 performances, all of equal value to me - which is why I'm listing all 3 in the title of this blog post. Beaten Awake is a Kent band who I've really started to enjoy lately, mostly because I've fallen in love with the lead singer's voice as the lead for Drummer. True it's a little backwards since that's his side project, but hey, whatever it takes. However, there was something a little off with this performance. I've really enjoyed their newest album, but something was missing in the live show. I'll definitely give them another chance.

Beaten Awake (12/13/09)

Frontier Ruckus was the only non-local act this night. I picked up their album on eMusic, and loved the folky/americana sound. On stage there were 5 people strong and played a plethora instruments, including trumpet, a blow keyboard thingy, a french horn, and even played a saw with a violin bow. They had an almost eerie sound, but they had a great energy about them. I can't wait to see them again - and luckily I can - they're coming back on Wednesday, February 3rd. I will be there. Did I mention they were all hot? ;-) You won't regret this show.

Frontier Ruckus (12/13/09)

Then Jessica Lea Mayfield took the stage. I've seen her several times before, and this was a Sunday night, so I didn't stay long. I also can't say I would recommend someone see her live. Well, maybe if they really liked her album and hadn't seen her before. But there's really no reason to see her more than once on the same album. Sorry Jessica.

Jessica Lea Mayfield (12/13/09)


Digital albums, vinyl made a comeback in '09 while CDs slide [Article]

More numbers on album sales, countering some of the doom and gloom from the industry. Click the link below for more graphs...

Digital albums, vinyl made a comeback in '09 while CDs slide
Physical CD sales continued their slide into oblivion in 2009, but online sales remained strong, even if not quite as strong as 2008. Nearly everything online was up and everything physical was down—except for vinyl, which continues to have a fierce following.

By Jacqui Cheng | Last updated January 7, 2010 7:33 PM

2009 was a decently strong year for music—as long as you look at digital online sales and ignore the sinking ship that represents physical CDs. The US numbers are in from Nielsen SoundScan, and they are mostly a less-extreme version of the 2008 numbers, due in no small part to the struggling US economy. Still, the sales of physical media was way down while online media was way up, though vinyl enthusiasts are still bent on keeping their little niche alive—and are largely succeeding at it.

According to Nielsen's numbers for 2009, overall music sales were up a very modest 2.1 percent over 2008—this is a far cry from the 10.5 percent growth between 2007 and 2008, but growth nonetheless. When you split the numbers out, though, they are much more telling: music lovers bought nearly 1.16 billion digital tracks in 2009 (up 8.3 percent from 2008), and 76.4 million online digital albums (up 16.1 percent).

[From Digital albums, vinyl made a comeback in '09 while CDs slide]

January Jams Spangle Article

Dusting off this blog for the new year... My list of the "best of" shows to see in Cleveland for January has been posted over at Spangle. Check it out... as always, you can always check my Google Calendar for a complete list of worthy shows coming to the Cleveland area.