Article: Study says P2P thieves buy more music

I would have to say that I agree. I mean, any civic minded person who uses P2P should also be going to shows, buying merch, vinyl, etc... unless you're a total douchebag. I'm sure they exist, but I'm of the mindset that there are more good people in this world than bad. And if record i-love-p2p.jpgcompanies would drop this asshole, protectionist stance - and just stop being "the man", they'd probably be doing even more business.

Study: P2P thieves buy more music
by Matt Asay

While the music industry desperately searches for ways to stem the tide of piracy that threatens to engulf it, new data from the BI Norwegian School of Management suggests that music pirates actually buy more music than others. A lot more.

As Ars Technica reports, When it comes to P2P, it seems that those who wave the pirate flag are the most click-happy on services like the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3. BI said that those who said they download illegal music for "free" bought 10 times as much legal music as those who never download music illegally. How can this be explained? I've written before that piracy is a great way to help the music industry gauge the tastes [From Study: P2P thieves buy more music | The Open Road - CNET News]


Matt & Kim Videos

Now, if you've been on the internet at all this month, you've probably already seen the new Matt & Kim video for Lessons Learned. I mean, you take 2 good lookin' musicians going naked in public, with a surprise ending, and you have internet gold.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I did have this video marked to upload some time ago, and in the time waiting (for what I don't know) I've seen every other music blog post it. I'll still post it here, in case I have any readers who rely solely on my blog. ;-)

and taking note from Wongie... I'll post another great video/song from them.

Lilith Fair To Return In 2010... Kinda Scared

I can't tell you how exciting this could be. I was devastated when Lilith Fair ended... and I'm a little shocked that it's been over 10 years!

Much has changed in that time... Back then, if it were a female singing, I was instantly interested. I've become much more discerning in my taste, and a re-working of the once great Lilith Fair could turn into a marketing & corporate hell. Hopefully, some of the original intent will remain... though the mention of Avril Lavigne initiates my gag reflex (and not in a good way).

Lilith Fair To Return In 2010

Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair is set to return in 2010 after a decade-long hiatus.

April 28, 2009 03:23 PM ET
Jason MacNeil, Toronto
Lilith Fair, the successful summer North American female-oriented festival created by Sarah McLachlan which ran from 1997 to 1999, will make its return next year, Nettwerk founder Terry McBride has confirmed to Billboard.com.

McBride first made the announcement in an April 25 Twitter post. The festival will be doing a two-week tour in Britain and Europe sometime in 2010. The news comes following an original post which said: “Lilith Fair 2010 here we come!!” The festival’s official web site,lilithfair.com, also states it will be returning next year.
Although there’s no indication as to artists for the bill, both McLachlan and Avril Lavigne are expected to release new studio albums in 2010.
Lilith Fair reported 104 shows to Billboard Boxscore from 1997-1999 that grossed $52,937,965 and drew 1,616,500 people. The shows featured a wide range of acts including Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Dixie Chicks, Erykah Badu, Sinead O’Connor and Me’shell Ndegeocello, among others.

[From Lilith Fair To Return In 2010]


Oberlin Folk Festival Redux

Oberlin's Folk Music Club has finally refreshed their page for this year's Folk Festival (this weekend)... Some great acts are scheduled:

11th Annual Oberlin Folk Festival

May 1 and 2, 2009

Free to the public!

Friday, May 1st:

In The Cat in the Cream coffeehouse:

6:00-8:45 PM: Local and student acts

9:00 PM: Girlyman

Saturday, May 2nd:

12:00-5:30 PM: Local and student acts on Tappan Square (rain space The Cat in the Cream)

In Finney Chapel:

7:00 PM: The Sweetback Sisters

8:00 PM: Sean Hayes

9:00 PM: The Duhks

Check out the above link for links to each of the artists.


Chris O'Brien (4/20/09)

I FINALLY got to see Chris O'Brien. I've been listening to his Lighthouse album since 5/16/07 (according to my Date Added in iTunes). I always felt he would be an ideal candidate to perform at the Barking Spider, and I was right. You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I saw he was finally coming.

This was also the same night as Travis at the House of Blues, which was the concert that everyone I knew was going to. I've seen Travis before (luckily), so I was all set for a cozy night at the Spider. That was until we got there...

Occasionally at the Spider, you'll find a random group of Case students who are drunkenly unaware that it's also an intimate music venue and that there are people there specifically to listen. It has never been more apparent as on this night. There was a table of law students sitting at a table of empty pitchers and half empty cups. You can imagine they had no sense of personal volume or respect to the artist or music being played. Annoying. They were told several times to be quite, but that never lasted long.

What impressed me the most was how Chris took it in stride. He's a well-versed performer able to adapt to situations that aren't ideal. This night, he was able to corral them into his performance, chat with them and make them all laugh. It made the experience that much better. Luckily they didn't stay for the whole show and we were able to continue listening to Chris' smooth voice, great guitar playing, and wonderful humor. He played stuff from Lighthouse, covers from Bob Dylan and Martin Sexton, as well as some new songs from his forthcoming album... I can't wait to hear it.

Chris O'Brien (4/20/09)

Chris O'Brien (4/20/09)

I hope he comes back soon.


Nelson Ledges Summer Festival Schedule

While it's cold and rainy outside right now... this weekend is going to be sunny & 70's! Just the weather that gets me excited about spending some days lounging at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. While I've only been there for a lazy weekday, they also have a pretty active weekend music schedule. I have no idea how this works down there, but I'd love to check some of these out.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/1/09)

I was recently able to reconnect with an old friend via FaceBook, who I saw my first Ani concert with... and this was back in the days in college when working at the local record store. Years later, I find him online and we've been able to reconnect our music interests. Ezra Furman & the Harpoons is one of the suggestions I received from him and I'm so glad I did. Ezra is one of those performers that may not sooth you the first moment you hear them, but once you spend some time with their sound, you'll get to appreciate the lyrics and insight.

Unfortunately, not many people were at the show, but the band took it in stride. At one point he joked about us seeing the band before they made it big, while they were still "underground." But then commented that this was even pre-underground... this was being alive.

This is why I like them.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/1/09)

I would put Ezra right up there with the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bishop Allen, Birdmonster, etc... Go see them.


Some Kid Cudi updates...

Kid Cudi just posted a free song on his blog. Check it out.

There's also another mixtape out there: DatNewCudi.com presents the '09 Mix

He's also major label now... [From Rapper Kid Cudi Signs With Universal Motown]

Finally, some slick pics from his blog...



Chris O'Brien tonight, Neko tomorrow... Way to start off a week!

Couple quick notes... tonight is Chris O'Brien at the Barking Spider (8pm)! It should be a great show... you should go. Check out a live clip:

I also thought I'd share some live music from Neko, who's going to be performing at Playhouse Square tomorrow night:

[From Neko Case: Live at 9:30 Club April 9th 2009 - Sixeyes MP3 Blog]

Neko Case: Live at 9:30 Club April 9th 2009
Neko Case and her band recently played two sold out shows at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club. The second of those well received performances was recorded and broadcast live on NPR. Here's the first handful of songs and this is a link to download the entire podcast of the show. Also, Will Sheff of Okkervil River/Shearwater opened the show and you can listen to that show here.

Neko Case: Live @ 9:30 Club April 9th 2009
maybe sparrow
people got a lotta nerve
hold on hold on
the pharohs
middle cyclone

Buy her latest record, Middle Cyclone, here.

Check out Neko Case tour dateshere.


Junior Boys (3/31/09)

This was to be another epic night. Met some friends as the Wine Bar in Coventry earlier, having some elite libations and lively people watchin'. Got to the Grog and kept the conversations going. Finally started paying attention when Junior Boys took the stage. They were good, but not epic. I can't say there was anything that I disliked about the show, but I guess I was expecting a bit more of a production. Still, I would see them again. (how's that brevity)

Junior Boys (5/31/09)
Junior Boys (5/31/09)

Drew Gibson (3/27/09)

Glad to see Drew Gibson again at the Barking Spider... this was a challenging weekend as it was the last weekend of the Cleveland International Film Festival. Had some friends in town, we saw a film earlier, did some bull riding (mechanical), drinking, shots, and then made it to the Spider (whoa). Drew was good as usual. Next time, I'll be a little more focused. :-)

Drew Gibson (3/27/09)
Drew Gibson (3/27/09)

Ra Ra Riot (3/25/09)

Finally catching up on a few older shows before I begin another week full of shows... It'll be brief.

This was to be a show of shows, with Passion Pit & Cut Off Your Hands opening for Ra Ra Riot. Well, Passion Pit dropped out and a comedy of events kept us from getting to the show to see Cut Off Your Hands. We were having a great time in Akron, so it was worth an opening act. We stumbled into Musica with Ra Ra Riot going full-force. It was a *great* crowd and a lovely venue (my first time there). The only bad part was the drive home.

(only had the iPhone)
Ra Ra Riot (3/25/09)

We Are Hunted

A cool new service (wearehunted.com). I can't help but think of how a service like this is named based on the availability of URL's. It works, just a little strange.

Read the full article...

Sneak Preview: A Fantastic New Way to Find Hot Music


A new, playable music chart is like a Billboard chart for the P2P generation -- and you can play anything on it with a single click.

It would take an army of listeners to keep tabs on all the music being recorded and posted to MySpace, YouTube, BitTorrent and the like. How to filter it all?

We Are Hunted, a clean and simple music chart cuts to the chase. It tracks the most-favored music on P2P and social networks, Twitter, web forums and blogs. It then presents the 99 hottest tracks (according to its calculations) through an intuitive Brady Bunch-style interface. Best of all, it slaps a play button on each track. Clicking the play button starts the song playing right there on the page, using links to YouTube audio tracks, record label sites and other internet locations that the site's automated system finds online.

We Are Hunted [From Sneak Preview: A Fantastic New Way to Find Hot Music | Epicenter from Wired.com]


Record Store Day is Tomorrow!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Not only am I going to a rain barrel workshop at the Shaker Lakes Nature Center, where I'll be getting my first rain barrel, but it's also Record Store Day! How sweet.

Here are all the details from Music Saves:



EVENTS GALORE at MUSIC SAVES and other locations on the street! FREE live music!
It’s all right here: http://www.MUSICSAVES.com

ALSO, the other street events we know of so far (we’ll have flyers with a final event list strewn around Waterloo on Saturday):

Blue Arrow Records is offering 10% off everything in the store (except furniture - from noon-10pm) and hosting a FLOOR CONTEST to win a vintage Derek Hess poster!

This Way Out is offering 10% off everything in the store (from noon-8pm)!

If you spend $10 or more at MUSIC SAVES, This Way Out, or Blue Arrow Records, each of those 3 receipts is good for $1 off a beer in the Beachland Tavern! The Tavern will open at 11am with a special lunch menu PLUS the brunch cocktail menu!

At Shoparooni, bring in a mixtape (or mixCD) formed after one of these 3 themes: Porkchops & Awesome Sauce (Marlee), Glitter & Sequins (Steve), or Caught on the Spot (Heather) and get 30% off your purchase PLUS they’ll have a photo booth set up!

Expect the Arts Collinwood Gallery, Low Life Gallery, and the Waterloo 7 Gallery to all be open AND look for the debut of the new WATERLOO CAFÉ!


French Music Fest this Friday at Bela Duby

Just saw this and put it on my concert calendar... I think it sounds great! It's unfortunately the same night as G2H2, but maybe a good place to stop by afterward. (It's also the same night as Ray LaMontagne & Jessica Lea Mayfield at Playhouse Square, but probably not drawing the same type of people).


If you wish to spend an evening with a cup of espresso (or Brooklyn Ale) and some European tunes, put this event on your weekend to-do list. Bella Dubby Cafe will welcome a group of musicians from France and Switzerland to fill the coffee shop with music from across the pond. Some electronic, some french-punk and a bit of "noise" to get the party started.

Tamagawa - France (Abstract musik between earth, spacemen 3 and velvet underground.)

B°tong - Switzerland (Electroni-k between throbbing gristle and lustmord.)

Oldine - Paris (Ambient rock between brian eno and sonik boom.)

Shit - France (D.I.Y. noise between bastard noise or sunn. Singer in cult band Vomit For Breakfast.)

www.myspace.com/beladubby [From French Music Fest (4/17)]

Thanks Rebecca

New Thermals Video - "Now We Can See"

The Thermals just make me happy... Check out their new album and be sure to see them at the Beachland on Friday, May 1st. Their last show as GREAT!

New Thermals Video -

The title track to the Thermals' Now We Can See is an incessantly catchy pop anthem about progression, evolution, realization, etc., and there is no better way to play on the concept of enlightenment than filming your band in various shades of visibility. OK maybe there are better ways, but still the Thermals stay with their proven methodology of fun and performance-incorporating videos, one minute being shot in the dark, the others in a brightly lit posterized rehearsal room and then also the room where Hutch takes off his shirt and has movies projected on his skin. Now we can see, indeed.

Continue reading New Thermals Video - "Now We Can See"...
[From New Thermals Video - "Now We Can See"]


Talk To Me - Peaches

Kick Ass. A lesson to be learned...


iTunes DRM-Free & Variable Pricing


Just catching up after a brief trip to Minneapolis for the CNI Task Force Meeting. Great town... I discovered that the one night I was there, Morrissey was also in town. Wasn't really motivated to go (where's that mix tape Christine??), but it was great to see all the characters outside the venue smoking. I think I'd be as interested to see go for the audience as for the show.

Anyway, I came back to the official announcement that iTunes is now DRM free, and now has variable pricing. Meh. The price is still too high, even without DRM. eMusic is still my legitimate service of choice, depsite not being a big fan of subscription pricing. If iTunes could get songs down to about 10 cents per track, and focus on moving volume, then I'd be very excited. Right now I just can't see spending the price of an actual physical CD on a digital download of it.

Some more info...

iTunes.pngiTunes updated their pricing structure to a new system today, pricing tracks at $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29. They're calling it "variable pricing," but Gizmodo more accurately calls it the "Popular Songs Cost More Money" system.

The simple new system works like so: Most new releases and traditionally popular songs go for the more expensive $1.29 price point (where $0.99 used to be the flat standard). Apple tries to sugarcoat this expanded price point by suggesting that the $0.69 tracks will offset the 30% price hike, but guess what: You'll be hard pressed to find a single $0.69 song in the iTunes store. (They're there, but finding them is like a really boring scavenger hunt where the reward is an extremely crappy song.) What you will find is a whole lot more $1.29 tracks, and pretty much everything else selling for $0.99.

What's this mean, exactly? For our money, it means we'd heartily encourage anyone who'd been using iTunes for music purchases to give the Amazon MP3 store a closer look. If you're a loyal iTunes customer, let's hear how you feel about the new pricing structure in the comments. If iTunes isn't careful, they'll just push more folks to get iTunes music without iTunes' help.

[From iTunes Tiered Pricing Jacks Up Prices by 30 Percent [ITunes]]


Neko, Neko, Neko

You've probably seen a lot of this, but if not, you're in for a Neko triple threat!

First off... I think this is the first Neko video I've ever seen. It's about what I would expect.

She's also posted a couple videos up on AOL's The Interface:

Finally, NPR will be streaming a live concert from Washington D.C. on Thursday, April 9th. Check the link and get reminders here.


Where the Wild Things Are

I don't get near as much enjoyment from Stereogum as I used to... but this entry cracks me up:

Arcade Fire Soundtrack Awesome Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Spike Jonze + Arcade Fire + Nostalgia + Magic + Monsters + Snowballs + Scribble Font + Shouting Off A Cliff = this thing looks scientifically designed to fuck up hipsters' shit. (Bonus: Karen O is composing the score!) Get your mind blown at Videogum.

I am VERY excited about this movie...


New Chris Garneau in July!

Yay! I've been waiting on this... I hope he comes back to Cleveland again. Hard to believe it's been 2 years.

Chris Garneau announces sophomore album, 'El Radio'


Out indie darling Chris Garneau is slated to release his second album, El Radio, on July 7. The follow-up to his 2007 debut, Music For Tourists will be released on Absolutely Kosher Records. The album is said to be "a dramatic seasonal change, an event horizon, perhaps a carnival or even a birthday." Great. So, basically we're all going to Chris Garneau's birthday party? Did I get that wrong? Whatever, it's exciting news, regardless.

El Radio may promise to be a bit more upbeat than Music for Tourists, but as long as Garneau's soothing, Sufjan Stevens-like voice stays the same, I don't think anyone will mind.

[From LOGOonline.com: NewNowNext Blog: Chris Garneau announces sophomore album, 'El Radio']