The Rural Alberta Advantage (1/17/10)

Another great show... I can't believe it's already been a year and a half since I saw these guys. But that time must have been great for these guys because the Tavern was PACKED! Opening was The Octogon and the Buried Wires. Not bad... But the real magic was with The Rural Alberta Advantage.

The last time here, they lost a keyboard and limped along, still providing a great performance. I was looking forward to fully functioning band last night, but was sad to hear that one had a cold and another had a back issue from the drive in the van. But once again, adversity did not stop them from delivering on this last of their tour of the US. They powered through a strong set, with Paul Banwatt providing his distinct and passionate vocals. In fact, all three members of this band are superb. Fully functioning or not, I will always see these guys when they return.

I also had to include this B-side track below the picture. A new favorite covering an old...

The Rural Alberta Advantage (1/17/10)

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