Woovs / Mr Gnome (12/18/09)

I was intrigued with Mr. Gnome after seeing this article on CMJ, talking about "Cleveland's beautiful noise duo." I was surprised I had never heard of them before. The video was great and I was liking their sound. I began to hear more and more about these guys, and they finally announced a performance at the Beachland Tavern for their CD release. I was definitely going.

The same night, a completely different story. My boss handed me a CD over a year ago from this random band, the Woovs. He knows I like local music and this was a CD he got from his sister who has some kind of connection with the band. The cover wasn't really inviting (an attacking wolf), but I'll listen to anything. Turns out, I really liked the album! They're a somewhat-local band from Barberton, OH. I've gotten to know that album quite well and I've been waiting for a chance to see these guys for some time. A strange turn of events, they're playing the same night as Mr. Gnome.

I got access to both shows and wandered back and forth between them. I felt like they were a little flip-flopped, as the Tavern was PACKED for Mr. Gnome, and eventually sold out. The Woovs had the big ballroom and unfortunately there were very few people there. The crowds were completely different... Mr. Gnome definitely had the cool, hipster factor. Woovs had a bit more of a traditional rock crowd. I ended up spending most of my time with the Woovs, partially because I felt bad that I was one of the few there. But I was also really impressed! Kind of a jam band sound, and the lead singer has an amazing voice - and that's with him performing while sick. I was thoroughly entertained by them. I'm anxious to pick up their new album, which they just had a CD release show in Barberton.

Woovs (12/18/09)

I ended the night with Mr. Gnome. They were also under the weather, but still sounded good. These guys had a more dense, complex sound than the Woovs. I think I could really enjoy them if I spent a bit more time with their album. I would definitely go again.

Mr. Gnome (12/18/09)

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  1. the woovs new cd is 10 times better than their last