Freelance Whales / Bear in Heaven (1/13/09)

Another hot pick from the UPB Programming group at Case Western. These two Brooklyn bands continue to prove that someone at Case knows what they're doing... If only the kids attending were as equally with it. It was a typical Spot night, with bad lighting, an overpowering wing smell, and only have of those in attendance, actually paying the band any respect. But I guess it doesn't matter, the band is getting paid.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some people there into the show - and thankfully, because these bands deserved the attention. Bear in Heaven opened with their more dense and complex approach. Something a bit more mature.

Bear in Heaven (1/13/10)

Freelance Whales were second (opposite of the order I was expecting). They took to the stage where I think the instruments outnumbered the band members 2 to 1. Their show was a little lighter and full of fun instruments, sounds and harmonies. If only we could have had a better sound & audience, I think these guys would have been phenomenal.

Freelance Whales (1/13/10)

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