The Afternoon Naps (1/8/10)

After the Seth Glier show, we had a great dinner at Mint Café and then some drinks at La Cave du Vin (a sweet intermission). We walked into Grog Shop and immediately saw Tom, who's in the Afternoon Naps. He recently (randomly?) came to a party at my house with my friend Brian, where we discovered that we had quite a few friends in common. It was great to finally meet him. Great guy. Anyway, I digress. Our friend Trey also showed up, who's always an instant party. Another great guy. We missed the first couple acts, but did see Casual Encounters. Pretty good, but I was really just distracted with having great friends together and having a great time.

The Afternoon Naps took the stage, lamps and all. Shockingly, this is the first time i've seen them in concert. I've really been enjoying their new album, so it was about time. Their stage presence didn't disappoint, the blend of breezy pop and a mixture of male & female lead voices were a perfect compliment. They are definitely one of the best local bands Cleveland has right now. I can highly recommend both their album and their live shows. Did I mention that we danced through the whole show?

The Afternoon Naps (1/8/10)

The night didn't stop there. Trey suggested the B-Side, which I haven't really experienced since Can't Stop the Beat back in 2005. We had a great time there as well... the dancing continued. Tom showed up there too, and we closed the place. A *phenomenal* night had on the East Side of town.

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