The Rural Alberta Advantage (8/26/09)

Has it really been almost a month since this show?? Wow. It's been such a great end to summer and I'm really excited about this Fall. I guess time does fly when you're having fun (or just really freakin' busy).

The Rural Alberta Advantage is a band I (somewhow) stumbled upon, but fell instantly in love with. The more I heard them, the more I liked them. I was even able to play a couple of their tracks on Christine's Stone Cold Bikini radio show!

This was to be a night to remember. I had reason to believe I was going to really like all 3 bands performing. First was Alan Madej, who was highly recommended from a friend who saw him at a coffee shop open mic. Second was another local act, Unsparing Sea, which I heard kudos from their performance opening up for Yeasayer earlier this year. Both performances were good. My expectations may have been a little high, but I enjoyed their performances.

Earlier in the night, I had heard that the Rural Alberta Advantage had left a Casio keyboard at their last stop and were able to locate one in Cleveland on Craigslist. They recounted the story when they took the stage, but informed us that it was a dud of a keyboard. I think that put a little damper on things, as well as the audience was dead-quite. Their performance was good, but I think all circumstances combined to make it a mild energy show. Still, they held my respect with a strong performance. It ended on a stellar note with the band members stepping off stage (and off mic) to sing amongst us acoustically. That made the whole night worth it - it gave me chills.

The Rural Alberta Advantage (8/26/09)

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