Seth Glier (1/8/10)

Two shows at the Barking Spider in one week... what a treat. And this is the second time in less than a month where I've seen two concerts in one night. To be living in a city that offers that much to do is just great. Go Cleveland... Anyway, unlike the Woovs / Mr. Gnome shows, I'll split this one up into two entries since they're a different times and in two different venues.

Seth Glier was performing an unusually early show at the Spider, starting at 6:30pm. I showed up and Martin (the owner) introduced me to Seth who I was standing next to at the bar. He brought his stage cohort Ryan Hommel over to our table and we got to chat about their tour so far, and where they were going next. I rarely ever set out to talk to the performers, but love when it happens organically. Cool guys.

The danger of an early show at the Spider are the happy hour crowds that are rarely interested in the music. This night wasn't too bad. Seth and Ryan sounded great and were hard to ignore. Seth has a domination over the piano and a great soaring voice. His originals were great, and loved the Man in the Mirror cover as well. Ryan was a great accompaniment. You can tell these guys are good friends and play well together. Good guys, great time.

Seth Glier (1/8/10)

There were still two other shows at the Barking Spider that night, but we had other plans... to be continued.

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