Kurt Vile (1/3/10)

I read a lot of music blogs and music news sources. The discovery of some artists seem to be entirely random, where as I'm scanning a huge list of blog titles and artists names and something just stand out for some reason. This is what happened with Kurt Vile. Not sure if I recognized his name from somewhere or not. Regardless, I checked him out and liked him, then saw he's playing at Now That's Class. Shortly there after, my friend Brian from Pittsburgh saw him and said I should go. Worked for me.

I was pretty excited to see a show at Now That's Class, as I've been there for the bar, but not specifically for a show. Seems like a cool place. Turns out my friend Matthew was also interested in the show. The only downer was that it was on a Sunday night, and I knew it would be a late show. We powered through, enjoying the venue, the patrons, as well as the openers, the Homostupids. By the time Kurt Vile took the stage, I was just holding on, but enjoyed his performance. I think I enjoyed the album a little more more than the live show - but my attendance wasn't regretted.

Kurt Vile (1/3/10)

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