Jessica Lea Mayfield / Frontier Ruckus / Beaten Awake (12/13/09)

Playing catch up...

This show had 3 performances, all of equal value to me - which is why I'm listing all 3 in the title of this blog post. Beaten Awake is a Kent band who I've really started to enjoy lately, mostly because I've fallen in love with the lead singer's voice as the lead for Drummer. True it's a little backwards since that's his side project, but hey, whatever it takes. However, there was something a little off with this performance. I've really enjoyed their newest album, but something was missing in the live show. I'll definitely give them another chance.

Beaten Awake (12/13/09)

Frontier Ruckus was the only non-local act this night. I picked up their album on eMusic, and loved the folky/americana sound. On stage there were 5 people strong and played a plethora instruments, including trumpet, a blow keyboard thingy, a french horn, and even played a saw with a violin bow. They had an almost eerie sound, but they had a great energy about them. I can't wait to see them again - and luckily I can - they're coming back on Wednesday, February 3rd. I will be there. Did I mention they were all hot? ;-) You won't regret this show.

Frontier Ruckus (12/13/09)

Then Jessica Lea Mayfield took the stage. I've seen her several times before, and this was a Sunday night, so I didn't stay long. I also can't say I would recommend someone see her live. Well, maybe if they really liked her album and hadn't seen her before. But there's really no reason to see her more than once on the same album. Sorry Jessica.

Jessica Lea Mayfield (12/13/09)

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