Kid Cudi / The Dutchess & the Duke (1/15/10)

No these guys did not perform together, but we did scramble between both shows in one night. Actually, the night started off with plans for going to the Yeasayer listening Party at Music Saves, but that got pushed aside for the need to eat, which turned into my first time at the Grovewood Tavern - good stuff.

Approaching the concerts this night took some finagling. Two venues, 5 acts in total...

Starting off at the Grog Shop, we caught Good Morning Valentine starting at 9:30ish. Good show and a nice little warm up... (I've seen them twice before 1/2) When they were done, we headed over to the Agora, missing the 2nd act at the Grog Shop and hoping to miss the opener for Kid Cudi. Well, not hoping, but the goal was to see as much of Kid Cudi then Dutchess & the Duke as possible. We got to the Agora in time!

Kid Cudi hadn't even taken the stage yet and the place looked trashed. Overall, the Agora looked beat (and not in a cool, hipster, I don't care kinda-way). Kind of sad knowing the Agora's history, and realizing this is what it's come to. Anyway, all that went away when the lights dropped and Kid Cudi took to the stage with a thunderous crowed cheering Cu - Di Cu - Di. Good stuff. The sound was great. You could hear him, there was plenty of bass, etc. Much better than his appearance at Case last year. We took off a little over halfway through his performance to get back to the Grog.

Kid Cudi (1/15/10)

We walked into the Grog Shop to see a guy and a girl playing guitars. I knew this was The Dutchess & the Duke, but I guess I was expecting more happening on stage. At first, I admit I was disappointed to have left the energetic Kid Cudi show for this... But within minutes, I realized they *trashed*. The banter was ridiculous, but humorous. They solicited for a place to crash that night... I almost considered it, but could imagine her puking and him pissing in a corner. Anyway, an enjoyable trainwreck, but without comprimising their sound quality (too much).

The night ended there with the male counterpart walking off the stage and singing this repetitive phrase from in the crowd. Soon he was on his knees and the guitar on the ground. The audience joined him. The female counterpoint also came down, they both laid on the ground, continuing to sing the same piece over and over. A little odd, but quite a sight. Not such a bad choice afterall.

The Dutchess & the Duke (1/15/10)

Goal accomplished.

Update: Here's Video:

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