OK Go Video Debacle

I know... I'm hard on major labels. Probably a bit too hard. Here's a more eloquently written piece from OK Go, explaining the stress dynamics of the industry through the example of embedding a YouTube Video. Serioulsly... it's good stuff.


This week we released a new album, and it’s our best yet. We also released a new video – the second for this record – for a song called This Too Shall Pass, and you can watch it here. We hope you'll like it and comment on it and pass the link along to your friends and do that wonderful thing that that you do when you’re fond of something, share it. We want you to stick it on your web page, post it on your wall, and embed it everywhere you can think of.

Unfortunately, as of now you can’t embed diddlycrap. And depending on where you are in the world, you might not even be able to watch it.

We’ve been flooded with complaints recently because our YouTube videos can't be embedded on websites, and in certain countries can't be seen at all. And we want you to know: we hear you, and we’re sorry. We wish there was something we could do. Believe us, we want you to pass our videos around more than you do, but, crazy as it may seem, it’s now far harder for bands to make videos accessible online than it was four years ago.

[continued at... Cleveland Bachelor: Celluloid Bachelor #48: OK Go "This Too Shall Pass"]

None of this really occured to me when I so easily posted the video.

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