Shilpa Ray (1/20/10)

I had a feeling about this show, despite not knowing that much about Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers... turns out it was right.

We saw Shilpa before her performance, talking to some drunk guy at the bar. She seemed sweet and even a little demure. That changed as soon as she took the stage. It looked like she had gone in back, transformed, and came out with a fire in her belly. With wilder hair, her mouth contorted as she belted out these songs and worked her Harmonium over.

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (1/20/10)

It wasn't packed this night, but that didn't matter. The crowd was energized, and it was hard not to be. I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure how to take it when they started. It was harder than I was expecting, but a couple songs into to, I was definitely pickin' up what she was puttin' down. She deserves all praise.

I'll keep you posted as I have more these feelings.

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