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I'm always enjoy seeing an indie rock band doing a cover of a 90's dance song... I don't know why. I'm also still enjoying Frightened Rabbit and their new album The Midnight Organ Fight, so I was happy when these two areas of interest came together.

I don't remember the original. I thought about embedding it as a comparison, but once I saw it, I realized you wouldn't be missing anything if I didn't.

From Pitchfork
Video: Frightened Rabbit: "Set You Free" (N-Trance cover)

We can (and should) debate about the whole idea of what "guilty pleasure" means in the context of pop music, but Frightened Rabbit couldn't be ironic if they tried. Sincerity is wired into this band to a degree that probably turns a lot of people off, but that sincerity makes songs like this, their contribution to the second Guilt by Association comp, a lot more interesting than they would be otherwise. Here they are in a sorta perfunctory video for a cover of N-Trance's "Set You Free", a gushing dance-pop hit from 1995. In a sense they arrive at the same vulnerable place as the original while taking a very different route to get there.

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