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For me, iTunes plays a huge role in discovering and appreciating music. I have a system of acquiring albums, organizing them, rating them, and listening to them in different ways. I've thought about documenting the entire process (why not?)... maybe some day. But this is a good article to read if you've considered using some of the more advanced features of iTunes and just haven't yet.

iTunes Tip: Remembering to Rate Your iTunes Music
Written on December 22, 2008 by Nick Santilli

My life is busy (and yes, if you’re wondering, it is all about me), and frequently I tend to rip or download music without taking the time to apply ratings to it. Since ratings are one of the best methods for determining the usefulness of your playlists, neglecting to add that information to your tracks can really handicap the power iTunes offers.

Some pondering of the issue (and a putrid burning smell) led me to come up with a Do It Yourself kind of solution that everyone can institute without spending anything more than a little time. If this sounds like something useful to you, feel free to follow along at home.

Data Dips First, what kind of information do we want to leverage? ...
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