Music Saves the Holidays

GREAT Idea! If you haven't been there, you need to check them out.

INTRODUCING THE MUSIC SAVES GIFT CARD EXCHANGE PROGRAM! Yeah, we stole this idea from Shake It Records in Cincy, then messed it up a little, but hey, it should work out well for all of us in the end! How does it work? When grandpa or Aunt Flo gives you that gift card for Best Buy or Target that you really didn't want, bring it on in to MUSIC SAVES and we'll trade it for a MUSIC SAVES gift certificate in the same amount! Hey, and since we don't accept American Express gift cards in the store, we'll trade those, too! It's a win win win all around - grandpa and Aunt Flo's good intentions are made better because rather than stocking up on more deodorant (who needs that?), you get a bunch of music at your favorite local record store - something you REALLY want! (Only Best Buy, Target, and AmEx gift cards are valid for the exchange, through January 31, 2009. Yes, we will call and verify the balance on the card before we trade ya. It's only fair.) POSTERS = GIFT WRAP Yep, not many people think of this, but we have a ton of posters available for 50¢ and $1, and they make fantastic gift wrap! Posters were just restocked, so there’s lots to choose from!

MUSIC SAVES Holiday Sale, 15801 Waterloo, 216.481.1875, MUSICSAVES.com

Saturday, December 13, 11am-4pm

Rockin’ deals from your favorite indie record store!

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