Catie Curtis (11/30/08)

Catie Curtis (11/30/08)I'll admit that I wasn't that excited about this show. I've seen her many times (we go way back) and I wasn't crazy about the new album, but I also had Monday off and the ticket was free (yay Street Team!)... so I went. I arrived early enough to see the opener and grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately, both were a little disappointing. The Beachland has changed their menu, offering a food with a little higher brow - and price. I really miss the $3 chili dog w/ chips and salsa... (got the French Bread Pizza - meh.) The same sentiment goes for the opener.

When Catie took the stage, her smile reminded me why I came. She has such a positive, flowing energy about her. She's also a confident, sophisticated, funny and talented artist. While her new album (Sweet Life) is a bit too happy for my taste right now, seeing her was a reminder of why I like her. I also really appreciated the looping of vocals and instruments to her one-woman show... The recordings of Sam the Pug were great too.

Overall, whil I can't recommend the new album (unless you're pre-disposed to like Catie), I would URGE you to see her next time she's in town. Hint - it will probably be next Thanksgiving.

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