New eMusic Features

I love eMusic.  It's the little online music retailer that could...
I'm not a huge fan of the subscription model, but I'll deal.  It does force me to download more music than I probably would want to, but it also gives me some room to experiment with new music.  To facilitate this, eMusic just rolled out a new recommendation service, similar to iTunes Genius Playlists.  I was originally skeptical to these kinds of services, but I've thoroughly enjoyed Pandora, iTunes Genius service, and I think this is a welcomed addition to eMusic.
Unfortunately, it's currently down, but hopefully it'll be up soon so I can play with it.  In the meantime, here's a couple articles with some more indepth reporting.
If you haven't checked out eMusic yet, do it.  If you want something fun, edgy, and indie to download, try the BLK JKS (FREE!).  You can read about them over at I Rock Cleveland.


  1. Oh, lord, eMusic. I could get all the music I could ever possibly want by trading with my friends ... but I keep my eMusic subscription. I use it to expose myself to very different stuff, and still keep the risk low.

    Check out "Romancing the Rains" by Amjad Ali Khan, and you'll see what I mean. (The first track is commentary and demonstration.)

  2. It's an interesting album. I've been looking for music to do Yoga to... this just might be the ticket. Thanks for the suggestion