Pollstar Redesigned (finally)

I've been complaining about Pollstar.com for a while.  Over a year ago they informed me they were killing their premium service (one of the few things I paid a subscription for on the web), which I found ridiculous.  I'm surprised they've been able to survive this long in this fast-changing web world we live in.  Well, they've finally taken a huge leap...  http://live.pollstar.com
(an email I received)
Pollstar is extremely excited about the upcoming launch of our entirely new pollstar.com website and we invite you to be the first to check out our working beta.

Customize your experience to fit your needs! As an existing AutoNotify user, we have already transferred your basic account details to the new site. Just log in using your same name and password.

There are a number of really exciting new features and plenty more are in the works as we transition from a site that has not changed substantially since 1994 to one suitable for the 21st century.

Check out our amazing new Photo Wall for the finest live concert photographs on the net. Look for the link to the Fullscreen Slideshow on the Photos index page. This new feature requires a free plug-in that can be downloaded in seconds the first time you access the wall.

As part of your MyPollstar customization, create your own screen name and upload an avatar. Make comments on news stories and post reviews of concerts and we will automatically award you StarCred points. More details on the benefits of building your StarCred is forthcoming.

The new site also offers the ability for you to rate photos and artists themselves and your opinions will help guide others on their quality. Please note that there is a bug in the awarding of StarCred points for ratings and we are working on it.

The beta of our new site can be found at http://live.pollstar.com

Pollstar continues to be the central data source for professionals working in the live entertainment industry and we are delighted to be able to offer music fans the ability to have free access to the world’s premier concert information database.

Thanks again for using Pollstar and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Gary Bongiovanni
Pollstar Editor-In-Chief
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