Jennifer O'Connor (2/11/09)

This night was quite a change for the Spot. Previously I've only seen bands perform (Supersystem, Ra Ra Riot, Birdmonster, Passion Pit), so to see two women with guitars was an unexpected surprise. This shows they have the ability to diversify their programming.

I ran into Hayle outside before the show and chatted with her about the unconventional venue, and how strange it was to be doing a soundcheck in a room with a bunch of kids on laptops. About 15 minutes later she was on stage, standing solo in a room of people who seemed like they could care less. This is one of the things I respect most about performers, their ability to push on and perform when no one seems to care. Overall, she was sweet and she sounded good. I think I'd have to see her in a more appropriate venue to really appreciate her live.

Hayle Bonar (2/11/09)

Jennifer brought a little more sound to the stage, accompanied by a bass player. The more I hear her, the more I like her. She's just so unassuming, with a rich, genuine sound. I feel like it's my sister up there performing. No pretension what-so-ever. Every song was great and I was surprised how many I recognized. Definitely will see her again.

Jennifer O'Connor (2/11/09)

The Church And The River - Jennifer OConnor

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