Brett Dennen (2/21/09)

This is my second time seeing Brett Dennen. For some reason I thought I was one of the few people aware of this jem of a singer/songwriter. Guess I was wrong - the show was sold out! Good for him.

Opening were The Little Ones. A solid, fun, kind-of jangle pop band. Almost had this Snow Patrol / Death Cab melodic sound. I haven’t been able to score their new album “Morning Tide” yet, but I’ll be excited to give it a spin when I do. I would definitely see them again too.

Lovers Who Uncover - The Little Ones

Brett Dennen took the stage and the cameras came out in force like I’ve never SEEN! Crazy!! He started performing and barely said a word to the audience, though his slight groove on stage spoke volumes - and the crowd reacted. It probably wasn’t until his 5th or 6th song did he even talk to the audience, but you barely noticed. It was a positive, high energy show. He reminds me of a mix between the positive message of Xavier Rudd, the smoothness of Jack Johnson, and had more soul than any white guy I’ve ever seen. This show really amplified my appreciate for him, his music, and his message. You need to check him out.

Unfortunately, I left my camera battery at home, so I’m borrowing a photo from Flickr. Though I'm baffled why none of the 200 photo-takers posted any pics on Flickr yet.

Brett Dennen

Hope for the Hopeless

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