Bill Fox (2/12/09)

Wow. First off, let me sing the praises of the Happy Dog. I love this bar... the look & feel, the clientele, the food, everything. It's what I would call a true Cleveland experience, unpretentious yet cool. This is also how I would describe Bill Fox. I arrived and took a seat at the bar, right in front of the stage. Not by choice, but one of the few spots left. The bar was filled with some of the most interesting characters I've seen. I see that Bill brings out some of Cleveland's older hipsters, some of the best people watching ever.

Bill took the stage without an introduction or even a hello. He set out some wrinkled pieces of notebook paper and started playing. He had this slightly raspy, but very appealing voice. I'm not even really sure how to describe his music, but if you appreciate the likes of Steve Earle and Bruce Cockburn, you'd really like Bill Fox. He played one song right after another, without a moment for applause or appreciation, but the audience still found a way.

During the show I wanted to take a photo, but being that I was sitting 3 feet from him, it didn't feel appropriate. I also thought how I'd like to have some of his music, either via download, CD or something. But then I realized I really liked this "in-person only" experience. Almost no record of it happening except your memory, just like the old days.

Just another local artist I'd see again in a heartbeat. Now if only there were a reliable way to know when he's playing again. Here's all we really got: http://www.myspace.com/billfoxfans

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