Sea and Cake (2/14/09)

I unfortunately attended this show after a day of day-drinkin' in Kent. Going home after such festivities and then going back out is not a way to be motivated. Still, I purchased the ticket in advance so I was committed. Part of the problem was I just started listening to the new album that day and I wasn't very impressed. Still, so many people were excited about this show, I just assumed I wasn't spending enough time with the album or that they had a killer live show.

Brian Straw opened the night performing from the sound booth. He said he wasn't making a statement, but that it was just easier to manage his own sound... I kinda liked it better had it been a statement. ;-) During his set, I was in the bathroom and heard the guy from Good Touch Bad Touch talkin' shit about Brian being too dreary and how they'll actually do some rockin' to lift the crowd up. Whatever asshole. That already put me in a bad mood for their set. I went back to read up on what I wrote about seeing them before and saw I wasn't a fan then either. I think this means GTBT is officially on my shit list. I think they have the arrogance without the talent to back it up... I'd rather see Brian Straw anyday of these guys.

The Sea and Cake finally took the stage and they sounded just as good as their CD. Unfortunately, that didn't do much for me. I think if you were a fan of the album that they'd be great live. I was just done. I left after a couple songs. Don't get me wrong... they don't suck, just not my thing.

Sea & Cake (2/14/09)


  1. You were there too? I totally missed you. The three of us were right next to the soundbooth when Brian started playing in it.

    I go way back with Sea And Cake. Actually as a starting point I'd recommend their solo work, Archer Prewitt's 'White Sky' and Sam Prekop's self-titled one. There's a lightness to their work that I haven't really found elsewhere.

    Also, I really like the song title "I Took The Opportunity To Antique My End Table."

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, I was sitting at the bar. I probably looked past you guys a couple times! :-)