ERROR: Oberlin Folk Music Festival

Thanks to the commenter pointing out that this is last year's schedule. Forget that the dates were wrong, that they had 2008 on the page, and that Girlyman didn't actually appear on the schedule, but the biggest oversight being Odetta's passing. Hopefully Oberlin will get a new schedule up soon.

I found out about this festival because Girlyman posted they were going to be in the area. I had no idea Oberlin had a Folk Festival, their 10th Annual.

I checked the schedule and it looks like a great couple days of music - all free! Just glancing at the list, seeing Odetta and Anais Mitchell on Saturday alone in Finney Chapel is worth the drive!

Here's the Schedule (which I'm quoting, and think they messed up their dates):

Thursday, May 1st, Wilder 101:

7:30 PM: Screening of "The Power of Song," the documentary about Pete Seeger [sponsored by Program Board]

Friday afternoon, May 2nd, Cat in the Cream:

12:00-1:30 PM: "A Moderated Conversation with 'Living Legend' Odetta"

Friday night, May 2nd, Bandstand on Tappan Square (rain space: Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse):

6:00 PM: David Greenberg
6:25 PM: Swanee White
6:50 PM: Kevin Jones
7:20 PM:
Soul PropRioters
8:00 PM:
Small Potatoes

Saturday, May 3rd, Bandstand on Tappan Square (rain space: Finney Chapel):

12:00 PM: Alex Birnie and Jamey Arent
12:40 PM: Backbone
1:20 PM: Ethan Robbins and Rowen Caplan
1:55 PM: Eli Conley
On the steps of Finney Chapel, 2:00 PM: Oberlin Gamelan ensemble
2:20 PM: Asha Tamirisa
2:50 PM: Rafi Bivas
3:15 PM: Emily Hultman
3:50 PM: Danny Cohen
4:25 PM: Lionel O
5:00 PM: Laurel Fuson
6:00 PM:
Anais Mitchell
7:00 PM: Odetta
8:00 PM:
Railroad Earth

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  1. This is last year's schedule. (Clue: Odetta died in December.)