You Need to Check Out Greg Laswell

As much as I've been raving about Birdmonster lately... I'm equally captivated by Greg Laswell and his new album (Three Flights from Alto Nido). He deserves every bit of attention he's getting.

He was just mentioned on Perez Hilton for covering Cyndi Laupers Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and I'm hoping that draws more people to him. (And for all you Perez haters out there, I understand. I'm not a fan, but he does post some decent music, sometimes.)

Anyway. CHECK HIM OUT. I will say that I wasn't hooked on the first go-round, but I'm sure if you spend some time with him, he'll charm you just like he did me. His voice alone is phenomenal.

Three Flights from Alto Nido
Here's a track not listed above, but one of the BEST on the new album: I'd Be Lying

Id Be Lying - Greg Laswell

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