White People Don't Dance

Also while cleaning out bookmarks, I foundthis piece

that I find completely hilarious (and true). I myself can't stand still at shows and have perfected the art of the non-dancing dance. A kind of groove that doesn't require moving your feet. It's not that dorky... really.

(from http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com)

#67 Standing Still at Concerts

February 17, 2008 by clander Music is very important to white people. It truly is the soundtrack to their lives, meaning that white people are constantly thinking about what songs would be on the soundtrack for the biopic. The problem is that most of the music that white people like isn’t really dance-friendly. More often the songs are about pain, or love, or breaking up with someone, or not being able to date someone, or death. So when white people go to concerts at smaller venues, what to do they do? They stand still! This is an important part of white concert going as it enables you to focus on the music, and it will prevent drawing excess attention to you. Remember, at a concert everyone is watching you just waiting for you to try to start dancing. Then they will make fun of you. The result is Belle and Sebastian concerts that essentially looks more like a disorganized line of people than a music event. If you find yourself invited to a concert with a white person, do NOT expect to dance. Prepare yourself for three hours of standing reasonably still. It is also advised to get a beer or (if legal) a cigarette so you have something to do with your hands. Although it is acceptable to occasionally raise one hand and point just above the stage. Note: the addition of the drug ecstasy changes everything.

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  1. this is sadly, very true. I am definitely one of these- with an occasional knee bop.