Nanci Griffith (11/15/08)

Nanci Griffith (11/15/08)This was unfortunately my first and only performance I attended for this year's Kent State Folk Festival. What a mistake. I've heard so many great things about the festival this year from my friend Tim. Next year I will block out time to attend more shows.

The highlight for this year was definitely the Nanci Griffith show (obviously). I was very excited to see her, but that paled in comparison to my friend Tim. I was concerned he would throw himself at her on the stage, but luckily he remained seated. However, I left immedately after the show and he stayed around to meet her, so I can't say he didn't do such a thing later. But rather than me talking about the show, I thought I'd let you hear about it from Tim:

The final evening of the 42nd Kent State Folk Festival was amazing - with opener Peter Mayer's beautiful voice, masterful playing and great writing. If I could do one of the three half as good as he does, I'd be so happy.

As wonderful as Peter was, Nanci Griffith was the highlight of the evening, the Festival and my year! A fan ever since Roger introduced me to "Dust Bowl Symphony," she gave another great concert with a nice mix of new and older material in the wonderful Kent Stage venue. Having center seats eight rows back made the experience all the more enjoyable. Meeting her aftewards was, well, incredible.

Whether she's doing an uptempo tune like "Simple Life" or the gripping, soulful "From A Distance," Nanci always pleases; her wit and political comments made the show even better. Her brothers in arms played extremely well and tight. In short - what a night.

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