Wolf Parade (11/02/08)

It had been a LONG time since I saw Wolf Parade. 2004 to be exact, as the opener for Modest Mouse. Since that show, I've been patiently awaiting their return to Cleveland. In that time, they've released two albums and have experienced some great success. This was apparent at the show last night. A full house (though I don't believe they were sold out), and the crowd was psyched to see them.Wolf Parade at Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR

But first, Listening Party opened. I didn't check them out until last night, right before the show. I liked what I heard on their MySpace page and quickly downloaded their album from eMusic, and listened to it as much as I could. This also convinced me to get there in time to see them open. Overall, I can't say that I was extremely impressed with their show, though I enjoyed their creative approach to music. The lead vocal was also drumming while standing (sometimes with maracas), and the always welcome use of a looper (love the technical jargon?).

Wolf Parade came on stage to an impassioned crowd. They dimmed the lights and played with an intensity I haven't seen for a while. The energy in the room and on the stage was great, something I hadn't experienced in a while and was glad to see. Just seeing a crowd that was excited but yet respectful was a breath of fresh air. This show definitely has me going back and checking out their albums again, and I would urge anyone and everyone to see them in concert if they get the chance.

Unfortunately, I took a photo but they had the lights so low that nothing came out. Maybe something will show up on BlueHaze or Flickr. In the meantime, this a pic from another show.

At Mount Zoomer

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