Chris Castle Trio (4/12/08)

Cool night outside, a fire and folk music inside. I couldn't have asked for a more cozy night at the Spider. Chris played songs from both his albums, including Crazy Wind which I hadn't been able to listen to yet (but did purchase).

On this Wednesday night, there wasn't 2 acts like there normally are that Spider. But if I were only going to just see one band perform for the whole night, Chris Castle's would be the one. Sitting there, I was just able to lose myself in the music and the banter. It was a nice little crowd and everyone loved them. I was happy when Martin told me to suggest to them that they come back. I think they got the message loud and clear.

Chris Castle Trio (4/12/08)

(p.s. this will hopefully be my last iPhone photo, as I have a new (used) camera!)

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