Birdmonster (11/05/08)

What a GREAT show...

I listen to a LOT of new music. Much of it falls off my radar pretty quickly, but some albums seriously stand out (but not that often). This newest Birdmonster album (From The Mountain To The Sea) is one of those albums. The entire album is solid... I would almost go so far to say that every track is great.

Once I was hooked, I realized I had completely forgot they were coming to town. When I switched my calendar view from October to November, that's when I was reminded they were coming to the Spot here on CWRU's campus! Talk about a pleasant surprise (and being giddy...). This show quickly became one of the most anticipated shows of the year for me.

I met my co-worker at the Spot, arriving at 9:30. Birdmonster was on stage, doing their soundcheck. I began to dread the long night that was to come (oh... Ha Ha Tonka was also performing). But much to my surprise, Birdmonster was the opener! They took the stage and performed to a nearly empty room. No matter, they performed as if the place was packed and put on one hell of a show. Their performance was inspired and they had this magnetic "personality" that I love to see with live bands.

Birdmonster (11/5/08)

At one point they kind of joked and asked for requests, probably not expecting to get any. After the next song I yelled out "Lost at Sea" (a favorite of mine), which seemed to delight the lead singer. He asked me my name and dedicated the song to me. What a treat. I felt like I was almost watching a personal performance.

They continued, playing some new songs as well as some songs of their older album (No Midnight) which I will be getting from eMusic. After the show I purchased a copy of their CD and a T-shirt, and I was glad to see that quite a line of people emerged to buy merch.

I have to admit, I have a crush on the band... They are definitely as good as some of the best indie pop/rock bands out there today. I would love to see them perform to a packed house at the Grog Shop next time their in town.

We stayed a bit longer to see some of Ha Ha Tonka. They were good, but I wasn't going to give up a decent bed-time. But you should still check them out as well.

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