Stephanie Nilles (11/22/09)

I love introducing new people to the Barking Spider Tavern, especially people that I think will really like it. Stephanie Nilles sounded like she would be great to see there, especially with descriptions like "Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the shit out of Regina Spektor" and "Tom Waits on helium." I also talked to Martin (the owner) and he told me he changed his plans that night to see her play. So I knew it was the right night to bring someone new.

She's currently living in New Orleans, but came to Cleveland for school so she has some local connections. She's a master on the piano and has quite the swagger. In addition to performing some great originals, she also had fun with covers such as "What Side Are You", "Superfreak", and Prince's "Kiss." She's also incredibly independent, poking fun at the likes of indie music icons like Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver and Pitchfork. Overall, it was a thoroughly entertaining performance.

Stephanie Nilles (11/22/09)

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