Brett Dennen (11/25/09)

This was the second of a 2 night concert marathon with the Australian. Also another repeat performer for me, having seen Brett Dennen twice before. Once back in 2007 at Akron's sorely-missed Lime Spider, and earlier this year at the sold out Beachland Ballroom show. Both shows were great and I had high expectations for this HOB show. Well, except for the HOB part.

This night was different than the previous two shows. Granted it was the night before Thanksgiving, but there weren't that many people at the show. The performance seemed a little off, like something was missing (the crowd's energy?). Considering that, I think my friends had it right - that his songs began to sound sorta the same. I was still glad we went, but was a little underwhelmed. But I did get to show the Aussie a little bit of downtown (had dinner at Bricco before the show) and I think he still enjoyed himself.

Brett Dennen (11/25/09)

I do think I've exhausted my Brett Dennen concert days, unless a kick-ass new album comes out, or he goes back to playing someplace the Tavern.

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