12 Ways to Scrobble

Keeping up with my geekery... I thought I'd share this article on the plethora of ways to Scrobble. Don't know what it is? Read on... Why should you? It's a pretty cool way to track and share what you're listening to.

Last.fm: 12 Ways to Scrobble

“Audio Scrobbling,” as defined by Last.fm, is the act of submitting to a central database the details of what songs you’ve been listening to (what album, by who and when you listened). Scrobbling to Last.fm is the main reason I use the service these days, especially since it made the internet radio part of it a paid subscription only service for Australia. I think that being able to easily track and visualise my listening history and share that with friends is a great example of the social internet revolution.

There are a number of ways to have your music scrobbled to Last.fm from your Mac. Which one you chose depends on which fits into your music workflow the best.

[From Last.fm: 12 Ways to Scrobble ]

How do I Scrobble you (don't) ask? Coversutra.

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