New Guster Album in the Works (finally)

I just love Guster. DeVane turned me on to them years ago and I felt like I was already late to the party. Luckily, they've kept going, though at a much slower pace.


That's fine, they're changing labels and having kids and shiz. I understand. I'll be excited where these changes take them and I'm really looking forward to their new album.

Guster Shifts To Aware/Columbia For New Album
December 11, 2008 12:01 AM ET
Michael D. Ayers, N.Y.

After four albums with Reprise, veteran rock outfit Guster has signed with Aware/Columbia. The group hopes to complete its as-yet-untitled label debut in February.

Lead singer Ryan Miller says Guster plans to come away with "17 or 18" songs recorded, pared down from around 25 possiblities. Fatherhood has been a key factor in the writing.

"Three of us all had our first kids within four months of each other," Miller tells Billboard.com. "We're adjusting to this new era of fatherhood. The band met each other in 1991, and it's 2008. So, it's sort of an interesting place to still be excited about making music together."

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