John's First Open Mic Night

My good friend John fulfilled one of his goals last year... he performed his first open mic night. This has been a long time coming.

I remember when John first started plucking out chords on a guitar. We were roommates and music was (and is) a big part of our lives. Early on, we talked about how we could be the male equivalent of the Indigo Girls. Well, as you can imagine, that never worked out. I never really picked up the guitar but instead chose to enter the blogosphere and John continued at a dedicated pace, writing songs and expanding his performance skills. I've always been impressed with his ability to push on, learning more guitar techniques and writing more songs.

I've continued to nudge him to play out for an audience. I was very excited to hear he had planned a night out and I was VERY glad I could make it...

Congratuations John. I'm looking forward to the next (and many more) performances.

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