Message from Daemon Records

Message from Daemon Records

This past year has been a particularly difficult one for the US economy. Skyrocketing home foreclosures, rising unemployment and sharp increases in the cost of basic necessities have meant trying times for American families, including their pets. Particularly when forced from their homes due to foreclosure or other economic necessity, families have made the difficult decision to abandon their pets.

Local shelters are overwhelmed by the rise in homeless pets and animal rescue organizations have found pets in dire situations - locked up and left to starve. This winter season we encourage you to get involved to help these pets and their families. Together we can help families keep and care for their pets, and we can provide much needed support for shelters whose services are in high demand.

Help Daemon Records raise funds for the Foreclosure Pets Grant Fund created by Humane Society of the United States. Monies from the HSUS fund will be distributed to local shelters and rescue groups that are meeting the needs of families and pets in this tough economy. Projects may include expanding the number of foster homes they have, starting a pet food pantry, or providing financial assistance for veterinary care.

We are offering a special benefit package at www.daemonrecords.com through the end of January.

For $30, you will receive autographed copies of Prom and Stag, a signed photo of Amy Ray, and first class postage (US orders only).


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