David Dondero: Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music

What an awkward setup here, but it's worth watching... I also find myself enjoying David Dondero more and more. I recently went scrambling to download my monthy allowance of MP3's from eMusic and looked to see what else he had there. I found... and I'm even further blown away by this guy.

David Dondero: Tiny Desk Concert

By Bob Boilen

NPR.org, December 30, 2008 - He should be a name everyone knows by now. Instead, troubadour David Dondero returned to NPR having slept the night before in his car. Dondero travels from club to club, singing his well-crafted songs — songs that have his signature lyrics at their core. His lyrics can make you smile with their wit and hurt with their bite, all at the same time.

Dondero's name pops up in interviews I've had with other songwriters: I specifically remember his name coming up in conversation with Conor Oberst and The Be Good Tanyas.

There are four songs in this Tiny Desk Concert — listen to them all. Then tell anyone in love with true wordsmiths. Maybe we can get this guy out of the car, and at least into a Motel 6.

By far, this is one of my FAVORITE songs by him. You need to listen to it.

Rothko Chapel - David Dondero


  1. This entry makes me sad that home computer is broken and I can't listen to this at work. It's very frustrating, because hangovers require music, not work noises, which is what I'm in right now. Also, it was nice meeting you last night. You're very tall.

  2. Interesting post. By the way, I've been to the Rothko Chapel in Houston. If you are ever cursed to be in that city, definitely check it out. And leave yourself an hour or so to be there - it is a wonderful oasis of serene beauty.