Annuals & Jessica Lea Mayfield (1/23/08)

I can't believe it's been over a MONTH since I've seen a show. However, this kicks off a barrage of good shows coming in the next couple months (just check the concert calendar). Kicking off this return to live music was the Annuals & Jessica Lea Mayfield show at the Grog Shop. I wish I could say it was an amazing show, but it was still enjoyable. Jessica Lea Mayfield was charming and sounded great. I'm a little surprised to see her open for the Annuals, and i'm not sure the Grog Shop is the best performance space for her. Of course I may be spoiled by what little I caught of her spirited CD release show at the Beachland Tavern (which I'm feeling is a better fit for her). Still, I'm happy to see and support a local girl making it big.

The Annuals packed the stage with their 6 member band. They were good, not great. I'm not sure what was missing... they were empassioned, the sound was good, etc. Though it could have been that I was distracted by all the drinking and conversations, or maybe that I'm not as familiar with their music to appreciate the complexity and layering. Anyway, it was still a fun night out. I also got to meet co-Cleveland Music Bloggers who write Sensory Overload. I suggest checking them out.

Annuals (1/23/09)

Annuals (1/23/09)

Jessica Lea Mayfield (1/23/09)

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