Love Is All (4/4/10)

It's funny how I've tried talking myself out of seeing these Swedish bands, but just couldn't resist. The same thing happened with this Love Is All performance Easter Sunday. After gorging at dinner, I wasn't really excited about a late Sunday night performance. Then again, there was another local opener that I was interested in seeing. Earlier in the day, before hiding eggs, I checked out the openers and saw that Cloud Nothings were catching some nice national press. Hmm... tempting.

The show was extremely impressive.

Cloud Nothings (4/4/10)

I then listened to Love Is All for the whole care ride home to Cleveland and enjoyed each song more, every time I heard it. These guys have a little grittier sound than their Swedish counterparts, Little Dragon. But both have empassioned female lead singers... Not many people were at this show, but that didn't stop the band from giving their all. This also allowed me to get closer to the stage than I normally would. Not so good for the ability to hear the next day, but totally worth it. One of these days I'll remember my ear plugs.

Love Is All (4/4/10)

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