Ani DiFranco (2/23/10 & 2/24/10)

It's actually been a not quite a year since I've seen Ani - who is probably the person who I've seen in concert the most. I wasn't expecting to see her two nights in a row, as she originally only booked the Kent Stage show. Tickets were purchased. Then a couple weeks later, she booked Oberlin's Finney Chapel, which was a must-see location. Two nights in a row it would be.

Kent Stage was nice. Had decent seats. I got in the door just as Erin McKeown was finishing up with a cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Wha? Unfortunately the security was militant about no photos, but was able to sneak the one below.

Ani DiFranco (2/23/10)

Ani's performance was good. Lots of new stuff as usual, and her new songs are sounding really good.

The next next night in Oberlin, we were able to catch all of Erin's set, which I'm really glad we did. Her new album (out on Righteous Babe) is really growing on me, more so than any albums prior.

Ani mixed up the set a little bit for the next night, thought I would have really liked to hear "Swan Dive" in the Chapel.

Overall, great stuff. Ani is a consummate performer. I do have to say that she didn't seem to be her glowing self these nights, almost like this touring thing was becoming a job for her. Or maybe it was just a bad couple days. But keep in mind, Ani on her bad days will probably blow away most performers on their best.

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