Finally! MySpace Events

The one thing I've been waiting on forever, is for MySpace to take advantage of their Event listings for all their bands. Even though I rarely use MySpace personally, it's still my go-to source for listening to music for some new band I want to check out. The number of bands on there is staggering, and so is their concert data. Finally, I'm now able to see every MySpace event listing in the area... Not that I needed the ability to discover and attend more shows... http://events.myspace.com/


MySpace Launches Events & Ticketing Platform

How does MySpace plan to stop the outward flow of traffic to Facebook and Twitter. Apparently, by connecting with them and an ongoing series of launches rather than a single splashy makeover. And today's announcement might have actually given artists and music marketers a reason to keep their MySpace profiles more up to date.

Late on Wednesday, the social networker unveiled MySpace Events, a calendar and ticketing platform that allows artists and fans to create and share events. Each event appears inside the user's MySpace calendar, including any from Facebook thanks to a growing implementation of Facebook Connect; and they can be shared on their MySpace Stream, Facebook pages, on Twitter, and via tiny url.

[Continued... MySpace Launches Events & Ticketing Platform - hypebot]

Now if only they could start leveraging the power of RSS feeds...

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