The Big Pink (3/23/10)

The Big Pink was kind of a gamble for me... I really enjoyed the sound and imagery of their Dominos and Velvet videos. They have a rather dense, electronic sound, but still with some pop sensibility. As the show approached, more friends were talking about A Place to Bury Strangers - even questioning why they weren't the headliners. I should have spent some more time with them before the show.

A Place to Bury Strangers took the dark stage, barely allowing you the ability to see them. Unfortunately the sound made it difficult to hear them as well - at least the vocals. Everything else was turned UP. Those who know more than me about them agreed, and said they didn't sound quite right. All in all, I enjoyed the performance.

The Big Pink was also good. A little better on the vocals. They sounded as I expected. Maybe a little heavier on the jam, but that was welcomed. Some people in the party didn't like them as much as the openers, but they landed pretty evenly in my book.

Here's a pic I grabbed before they turned the lights down...

The Big Pink (3/23/10)

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