Edwards Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (9/1/09)

This show was something special... I first owe credit to Cleveland Bachelor for turning me on to these guys, who quickly rose to the top of my iTunes ratings. Another one of those bands that the more I heard, the more I liked. I was also happy to have turned a couple friends on to them who also joined me for the show.

As with most shows at the Spot, I like to stop at the Spider before hand for a quick drink before walking over to the show. It was a gorgeous Wednesday evening and this was the night before a 5 day camping trip. It couldn't get any better.

Opening was someone who looked really familiar, but I couldn't place my finger on it. Well, it turned out to be Alan Madej again, who I just saw open for The Rural Alberta Advantage. It also turns out that one of his band members went to school with my friend Virginia. Weird. Anyway...

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros took the stage... all 8 of them. I was a little nervous because this seemed like a big group of hippies who were about to perfom to an audience of Case Western students - not the most hippie friendly environment. But I think the audience was as amazed and excited as I was... It's hard to not be moved by the energy of 8 people crammed on stage making music. It was almost like a traveling hippie revival, and I kinda wanted them to take me along for the ride.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (9/1/09)

Good news is, they're coming back to the area on Thursday, Nov. 12th for the Kent State Folk Festival! Here's a preview of what you'll see:

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