Ra Ra Riot (9/13/09)

I've seen Ra Ra Riot twice before (1|2). They've been good shows, but I wasn't initially planning on going to this one... mostly because it was a Sunday night. However, I was lucky enough to score free Tickets from Scene Magazine (thanks Rebecca)! I had been listening to the album earlier in the day and I kinda felt like it's past it's prime for me, but that may have been the quality of the music coming through my lil' tape iPod tape adaptor. So coming to this show, I wasn't really stoked.

When they took the stage, I was reminded why I've really enjoyed the previous shows. Lots of energy, a great mix of instruments and good songwriting. I had been planning on staying for only a couple songs, but every time a new one started, it wrapped me in and kept me just a little bit longer. Grog Shop was a great venue for them, would definitely like to see them come back there again.

Ra Ra Riot (9/13/09)

(audio is a little washed out, but you'll get the point)

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