A Hawk And A Hacksaw (9/14/09)

I wasn't originally planning on going to this show (A Hawk and a Hacksaw), but I had to swing by the Beachland to grab posters anyway, so I thought I stay and see what it was all about (noting that this band boasts a member of the now defunct Neutral Milk Hotel). I also ran into a couple friends there that kept me occupied through the openers.

Pretty interesting stuff, though I'd expect to hear this at a croatian social club... oh wait, that's where I was (okay, so formerly a croatian social club). I can't say I was moved by the music, but I do think it's pretty funny to have two people there recording the same show. You can see the guy from the first video in the second one. Though I appreciate them doing the work and sharing it.


A more detailed review at Cleveland Heights Bachelor

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