Josh Ritter (7/7/09)

This show had been a long time coming. He's one of the few artists left who I've really enjoyed and had not yet seen perform live. To think about it, I can't think of any left off hand. Hmm.. Anyway.

Prior to the show I received an email about Joe Pug, who was opening for Ritter. Linked was a free download of his EP "In The Meantime."
I liked it, but leading up to the day of the show I *really* started to like it. His performance just emphasized for me how impressive on an artist he is, and having not actually seen what he looks like before the show, he's younger and more attractive than I was expecting! :-) Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of him. Next time. Until then, check out "Nation of Heat" below and his Daytrotter performance.

Josh Ritter emphatically took the stage. Kinda surprising almost, but glad to see he was so jovial. The place was packed and was quite happy to see this Oberlin graduate back in the area. Even Elyria, Lorain and Parma got shout outs. Despite how loud the show was, Josh sounded great. I wasn't expecting to need my ear plugs for his show, but they would have come in handy. Overall, I wish I had seen him 5 years ago before he started filling the Beachland Ballroom, in smaller, more intimate environments. I'd still see him again.

Josh Ritter (7/7/09)

Oh, download Joe Pug's EP for yourself:

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