The Agora Closed Their Doors?!

The World Famous Cleveland Agora Theatre and Ballroom

I missed this! I can't say the Agora has been bringing in many shows that I'm interested in, so I'm not that sad - but I do hope they come back this Fall. It is a Cleveland legend.

The Agora Is Closing It's Doors

The Agora is closing its doors. I don’t know sadder words in the vein of Cleveland music history.

Hank LoConti Sr said the Agora is closing for the summer with plans on re-opening in the fall but we have heard that from many businesses in the past especially in these hard economic times.

The Agora was/is our Fillmore West, our Whiskey, our CBGB, and our Stone Pony. The Agora was our identity when Cleveland was the place for music in the country, when we really were the Rock And Roll Capital Of The World.

The Agora was originally started in 1966 by LoConti near Case Western Reserve University campus. Hank really was a pioneer of promoting live music in the Cleveland area and quickly outgrew the original building and the next year moved to the famous 1730 E24th St location next to Cleveland State University where music history was made not only for Cleveland but on the national and international level also. After a fire destroyed the E24th location in 1984, LoConti moved The Agora to the present location on Euclid Ave.

[From Bears Rants from Clevelandrockandroll.com: The Agora Is Closing It's Doors]

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