The Zender Agenda

Taking another step towards establishing my place as one of the Cleveland-area music illuminati, I've begun a monthly piece over at Spangle Magazine. Called The Zender Agenda (thanks Brian), it will be highlighting the "best of the best" of next month's concerts coming to the Cleveland area (along with some noteworthy road trips). Well, "best" meaning shows I'm excited to see... well sorta, it's actually a compromise. I'll also be pointing out stuff that I think is important to Cleveland. For example, i'm not a huge fan of Kings of Leon, but I'll list them because I know they're respectable, think it'd be a good show to see, and I'd like to see Cleveland give them a good turnout.

I'm sure there are many more shows happening that are not making my list, but you gotta start somewhere. The fact that it's a gay magazine and that I'm a gay man, hopefully there's some kind overlap of my interests with that of their readership. I hope so... This is some good shit. ;-)

Check it out.

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