Ani DiFranco (4/26/09)


This is my first time seeing Ani, post-baby (last time was in 2005). It seems like seeing her in concert was a yearly routine, but then came an injury and a baby. But seeing her again was like visiting an old friend. She's as good (if not better) than she's ever been.

I was bummed that she played the House of Blues, but I'll take what I can get. I was glad to see it was well attended with an excited crowd, but typical HOB annoyances persisted: drunk and aggressive audiences, poor sound, high prices, etc... Unfortunately I wasn't really able to hear any of her inter-song banter, which is usually a highlight for me.

Hopefully this show is the reemergence of a new yearly routine. Here's one of my favorite songs from her newest album. Listen - carefully:

Ani DiFranco (4/26/09)
Ani DiFranco (4/26/09)

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