Girl Talk (5/7/09)

Last night we went to see Girl Talk in Adelbert Gym here at CWRU. The show was sold out and I had high expectations for this returning Alumni performing on Finals Week. I can't say I'm a huge fan of his recorded stuff, but the live shows sounded epic, and this was a perfect chance to experience it.

After standing in line to get in, then standing in line to get into the beer area, then standing in line to get beer, and then running out of beer and waiting for a new keg (total, an hour and a half), then getting only 2 really crappy $1 MGD's, the evening started off rough. VERY poor planning. Didn't pay one bit of attention to the opening act.

Girl Talk jumped on stage with all the lights and fanfare I was expecting. Donning each side of the stage were two girls in what looked like rain coats, skull masks and shooting toilet paper into the air. He also loaded the stage with people whom held the first 50 tickets. The lights were flashing, the beats were pounding and images of excess were being shown on the screen (10 patty burgers, mad wads of cash, marijuana leaves, etc.). I couldn't tell if he was trying to be ironic or make some kind of commentary on our culture, but I think it was lost on the drunk students.

I tried figuring out what was special about his shows. Sure the energy was high, but I couldn't figure out what GT was doing behind his computer that warranted a live show. Sure he was jumping around a lot, taking off his shirt and occasionally screaming into the microphone, but to me there seemed to be nothing about the show that couldn't have been pre-recorded.

I did enjoy some of the songs he sampled and seeing the crowds reactions to them. But I also noticed the crowd would cheer for the 10 seconds of a song they recognized, but were then forced to move on to the next. I can't say that I wouldn't see him again. Maybe the Beachland would be better, where I could get a little drunk on without the frustration, and be able to get into it a little more.

Overall, Girl Talk proclaims he's "Not a DJ!" but I struggled to find the difference.

Girl Talk (5/7/09)

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